Implementation Tracker AVMS Directive

The Audiovisual Media Services Directive (AVMSD) requires Member States to transpose the revised provisions in national legislation by 19 September 2020.

Our AVMSD tracker shows the current status of the transposition in the Member States where we have offices. If applicable, it also contains information about national circumstances. You can obtain information by clicking on a country using our interactive map. The tracker will be updated regularly. Want to add a country which isn't covered here? Please let us know: we would be happy to consider. 

On 23 November 2020 the European Commission launched infringement procedures against 23 Member States and the United Kingdom for failing to enact the new Directive by the transposition deadline of 19 September 2020. Denmark, Hungary, the Netherlands and Sweden were the only member states to meet the deadline."


  The legislative proposal is adopted or already in force 
  A consultation document has been published (e.g. legislative proposal or questionnaire), but not yet sent to parliament
  A legislative proposal has been sent to the parliament and is subject of the parliamentary process
  There is nothing published yet



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