We are the sports law firm of choice for clients across many sports organisations (international and national) who want an independent party to undertake an expert and thorough investigation into specific issues or incidents. We:

  • plan the investigation to optimise transparency and accountability, and so to maximise public confidence in the outcome;
  • analyse available intelligence and gather available evidence (including document review and interviews of witnesses) methodically and efficiently, including liaising as appropriate with relevant law enforcement agencies to establish mutual cooperation;
  • organise and implement sport betting monitoring services and customised integrity/whistleblowing mechanisms;
  • carefully manage confidential information and handle personal data in compliance with applicable laws and regulations;
  • respect due process rights, so as to yield robust and reliable findings; and
  • fashion careful and considered recommendations for future action, and assist with implementation as appropriate.

Case studies

Premier League: We act for the Premier League in investigating potential breaches of its rules, including against a club in relation to allegations of an inappropriate approach to another club’s manager, and, where relevant, enforcing its regulations against high-profile clubs and managers, including disciplinary proceedings against clubs in relation to breaches of the Youth Development Rules.

International Biathlon Union (IBU): Jonathan Taylor QC chaired and Lauren Pagé was Legal Secretary to the independent External Review Commission that was appointed by the IBU in late 2018 to investigate allegations of past misconduct within the IBU (including allegations of cover ups of doping by Russian biathletes), including liaising and cooperating with WADA and criminal authorities conducting their own investigations. The Commission provided a preliminary report at the IBU Congress in November 2020, with a final report due to be published in December 2020, click here for more information.

English Football League (EFL):  Jonathan Taylor QC conducted an independent review for the EFL of the circumstances leading to the financial failure of Bury FC and its expulsion from membership of the EFL in August 2019, publishing a detailed report in February 2020 that concluded (contrary to the views of the DCMS Parliamentary Select Committee) that the cause of Bury’s demise was not the EFL’s failure to apply its rules properly but rather the fact that EFL clubs are not required to limit spending to what they generate in revenues, but instead may rely on owner funding to cover shortfalls, leaving them exposed to failure if the owner is no longer ready, willing or able (for whatever reason) to fund the operating deficit, click here for more information

Key Contacts

Jonathan Taylor, Max Duthie


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