Safeguarding, child protection and athlete welfare

We have significant experience (including direct in-house experience) advising sports regulators on all aspects of safeguarding, child protection, and athlete welfare. We have advised a number of national and international governing bodies of all sizes in relation to the implementation and operation of their safeguarding, child protection and athlete welfare policies, regulations, and procedures.

We assist our clients in:

  • seeking to prevent instances of harm to participants in sport through awareness-raising, training, and safer recruitment practices (including appropriate criminal record checks);
  • ensuring that there are clear, easily understandable procedures in place in order to receive reports of harm/abuse, and refer reports of harm/abuse to relevant third parties, such as the police, local authorities, and (where appropriate) other sports regulators;
  • ensuring that appropriate procedures are in place to respond to and address instances of harm/abuse, or potential harm/abuse and, where necessary, remove or prevent individuals who pose a risk of harm from participation in sport;
  • the effective conduct of safeguarding investigations and day-to-day case management, including by providing advice in relation to information sharing with local safeguarding partners and other authorities, and the operation of safeguarding disciplinary procedures; and
  • monitoring and maintaining appropriate policies and procedures in order to ensure that standards remain at an appropriate high level (meeting any public funding requirements, where relevant).

Case studies

British Horseracing Authority (BHA): We advised the BHA in relation to the development and implementation of all aspects of its safeguarding policy, regulations, and procedures. This work has included the drafting of the policy and regulations, the production of related guidance documents, and support with stakeholder engagement, consultation and communications.

International Cricket Council (ICC): We advised the ICC in respect of the development and introduction of its first safeguarding and participant welfare regulations – which, to our knowledge, represent the first set of safeguarding regulations that specifically address improper conduct between adults (outside of the context of adults 'at risk' or those who would traditionally have been considered as 'vulnerable').

Key Contacts

Jonathan Taylor, Richard Bush


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