Sports & Data Protection

Our sports clients often collect large quantities of sensitive data, and data protection non-compliance would have severe ramifications for them. Our team has the expertise and experience to help sports organisations collect and use data effectively and lawfully, and thereby withstand regulatory scrutiny.

We have in-depth experience in major data protection projects and have been involved in the GDPR since the Commission consultation process.  Our privacy and data protection practice is consistently ranked in the top tiers both nationally and globally. We advise national and international governing bodies, teams and clubs, those providing supporting services, and those helping the public to enjoy sport and sport-related content.

We assist our clients in achieving the following key aims and objectives, among others:

  • ensuring our clients uphold high regulatory standards when they process data that is often confidential and sensitive;
  • helping clients make use of data to promote their sport to fans;
  • working on data sharing agreements, both nationally and internationally, to allow personal data to be shared to achieve commercial, regulatory, or safeguarding objectives;
  • helping clients ensure that they meet data protection requirements when collecting and using data in an investigation; and
  • helping clients to ensure that new laws take account of the special requirements of sports governing bodies.

Case studies

British Horseracing Authority (BHA): We act as the British Horseracing Authority’s data protection officer, and guided it in its preparation for the GDPR as part of its thorough compliance project. We also assist the BHA with its ongoing compliance matters, including subject access requests and its information sharing arrangements.

Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA): We advised the FIA on the complex data protection issues arising from the tracing and testing aspects of its Covid 19 return to racing protocols, providing strategic and legal compliance advice across a number of European jurisdictions.

Key Contacts

Emma Drake, Ruth Boardman


The firm is our go-to privacy counsel, I rate it very highly”

chambers, 2020