The advertising and marketing industry has always been an early adopter of technological innovation.  Whether it be through the use of new platforms, referencing new technology to create relatable content, or embracing emerging global industries, the advertising and marketing industry needs to be ahead of the curve.  With that comes challenges to ensure that every campaign is a success, including recognising and working within local regulations and, often, heightened regulator scrutiny.

Bird & Bird is perfectly positioned to provide added value in this area. Our team combines in-depth industry knowledge with long-standing experience in advising on advertising and marketing issues, meaning that we can provide comprehensive advice tailored to your needs. Our extensive reach, comprising 29 offices in key jurisdictions in Europe, the Middle East, and the Asia-Pacific region, allows us to help you seamlessly traverse complex and sometimes contradictory regulatory frameworks. We understand the speed at which the advertising and marketing industry works, and know that clear, commercial and practical advice is crucial to a campaign's success. Whether you need advice on the risks of a multi-jurisdictional campaign, assistance with drafting talent or sponsorship agreements, or have questions while a regulator or competitor is knocking at your door, Bird & Bird is at hand to assist.

Our services include:

  • pre-clearance advice in relation to regulatory and legal compliance
  • content liability, defamation and copyright ownership advice
  • comparative advertising advice
  • advice relating to user-generated content
  • prize draws and competitions
  • advertising-related disputes, both in relation to complaints regarding our clients’ advertising campaigns and complaints by our clients regarding those of others
  • marketing and unfair trade practices rules (e.g. use of social media and social media data) 
  • reputation management issues, such as preventing and/or managing adverse media coverage
  • corporate transactions for advertising and marketing industry participants
  • the sale and acquisition of all forms of media space, including outdoor, print, broadcast and digital

If you would like to know more about how Bird & Bird can assist with your next campaign, please get in touch with our coordinating partner Shane Barber or one of the contacts below.

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