Whether sourcing components and materials, distributing products or interaction between transfer pricing and customs valuation, our team helps clients to address complex customs and legal issues across the supply chain – from being able to act as an Importer of Record to understanding the impact of free trade agreements – and to develop solutions which reduce supply chain risk and improve effectiveness.

Our recent work includes a wide range of issues facing our clients:

  • advising with regard to the applicability of customs duties and other indirect taxes (VAT, excises, etc.) upon importation of products;
  • advising on customs classification of products and obtaining customs binding tariff information (BTI) rulings, including legal representation before the European Court of Justice;
  • advising on the application of origin rules and how to obtain customs preferences in free trade agreements based on a tailor-made preferential origin tool mechanism;
  • advising on customs valuation implications in view of (periodic) transfer pricing adjustments, intercompany commissions and compensations as well as royalty/licence agreements;
  • advising on the use of customs and fiscal representation and related contractual commitments and liabilities;
  • setting up of cost efficient customs procedures in view of an envisaged supply chain restructuring;
  • performing a customs audit and identifying exposures with regard to the held Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) authorisation;
  • legal representation in customs investigations and proposals for out-of-court settlement;
  • preparing and submitting voluntary self-disclosures regarding customs irregularities across the EU; 
  • advising on WTO Regulation of Trade, including WTO Valuation Agreement, TRIPS, Information Technology Agreement; and
  • drafting and implementation of compliance programs as well as holding of tailor made trainings in view of the changes in the EU and national customs legislation.