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Luke Evans

Senior Legal Process Optimisation Manager

About Me

I lead the process optimisation team within our global Legal Project Delivery team based in London. The Legal Project Delivery team works with Bird & Bird stakeholders across all practice groups, sectors, and regions to drive the delivery of streamlined, coordinated and efficient projects that are underpinned by a commitment to continuous improvement.

I have a passion for stakeholder engagement and process improvement and the role both play in driving the most efficient approach to matter and project delivery. Leveraging off my extensive experience in marketing and business development, product management and process improvement across the legal and technology sectors, I have a comprehensive understanding of the tools and tactics required to identify, prioritise, and deliver high-level process improvement initiatives.

My approach is highly consultative and draws upon a focus on discovery and requirements gathering as critical tools to inform pro-active and transformative process improvement initiatives.
My career has always incorporated a major focus on proactive and engaging stakeholder management to inform product development strategies, tailor high-level strategic communications plan to streamline project communications, create detailed process maps that visualise and communicate existing 'as is' processes and the delivery of transformative strategies to drive change and improvement.

The journey to achieving process improvement is a passion of mine and I enjoy the constant challenge of implementing tactics that can transform the experience that our clients experience when dealing with our team. I always follow a mantra that change doesn't need to be massive to make a difference; small incremental change over time adds up to true process improvement!
  • Delivering a high-level discovery session with a large in-house legal team to review existing approach to matter triage and recommending a new approach to driving the triage of new matter requests driven by automation, resulting in access to data driven insights.
  • Discovery session and recommendations on implementing a more strategic approach to managing high-volume, multi-stakeholder requests using process and technology that alleviated administrative burden for client and members of our team.
  • Creating end to end 'as is' process maps that provide a visual representation of matter delivery that empowered knowledge transfer to our teams and clients which were used to identify areas of improvement.


  • Bachelor of Marketing - Queensland University of Technology
  • Six Sigma - Green Belt
  • Certified Professional for Usability and User Experience - UXQB

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