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I focus on national and international transactions in communications & IT, health & life sciences, and aviation & defence.

After joining Bird & Bird as an Articled Clerk in 1985, I qualified into the Commercial Department in 1987 as an Associate, was made up to Partner in the 1990s and, with effect from 1 May 2023, became Of Counsel.

Since 1987 I have helped, and continue to help clients of the firm win, deliver and/or turn around innovative, complex, high-value and business-critical projects in the defence, healthcare, communications and IT sectors.

As Partner, I was privileged to run a close-knit and long-standing loyal team that was twice short-listed as UK Commercial Team of the Year. The team often described working with me as being on 'Ayers Time', meaning any time day or night — partly due to the nature and demands of the projects undertaken and partly a long-term legacy of becoming a father of three children in quick succession.

Given that 'Ayers Time' is a thing, I am particularly proud of the following anonymous 360° team feedback: 'On a personal note, he is great to work with. He never loses his temper, never blames anyone and never leaves you feeling unsupported.'

The following testimonial would not have been possible without the team that supported me over the years: 'David's manner and approach is one of industrious flawless delivery and team integration. David has the natural ability to integrate teams and provide clarity where others would succumb to complexity and the enormity of a challenge. David is extremely respected by his customers and peers, and is revered by many due to his ability to consume and retain vast quantities of information and deliver high quality documented outputs in very short timescales over sustained periods' — I dedicate it to them — while the following testimonial speaks for itself: 'If I ever had to steer a major contract out of the mire, I would turn at once to David. He's a unique blend of tough experience, irreverence, humour & rock solid dependability.'

However, and in conclusion, the following testimonials succinctly sum up client outcomes and always make me smile: 'I congratulate you on understanding my drivel and making a reasoned explanation of the thinking behind our concerns,' and 'My personal thanks for this. Yet again you have saved the bacon.'

Cheers, and thanks for reading.



  • The Law Society of England & Wales in 1987

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