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Anne-Florence has a particular interest in the civil and criminal risks in industrial public firms, especially on matters related to responsibilities in these fields.

Anne-Florence is a partner in our Dispute Resolution Practice, based in Lyon.

Her practice encompasses public administration and government departments as well as private firms, both nationally and internationally. Anne-Florence advices on litigation cases before the Courts of first degree or Appeal Courts together with civil, criminal and public issues cases before the Administrative Courts.

In addition, Anne-Florence advises on tort and criminal cases - together with claims for damages; commercial cases and shareholder claims and cases based on contractual links and contract law, especially related to international contract or foreign contract policies.

A regular speaker at conferences for public and private firms on torts, risks and civil or criminal liability, Anne-Florence draws upon her experience of European issues, particularly on recognition and enforcement of judgments in civil and commercial matters.

Anne-Florence conducts audits on criminal risks  for public and private companies and works on criminal risks prevention with her clients; she wrote a book aimed to business leaders to help them understand their personal risks and the organisation of the internal prevention of risks.

She was admitted to the National School of Magistracy of Bordeaux and to the Bar in 1999 and holds a Masters of Law in Law & International Policy.

Anne-Florence is a native French speaker who is also fluent in English.

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