UAE team write a chapter for the 2019 edition of Technology Media and Telecommunications Review

By David Bintliff, Cathal Flynn, Shannon Rogers, Racheal Sanni, Ayah Abdin


Our Partner David Bintliff and lawyers Cathal Flynn, Shannon Rogers, Racheal Sanni and Ayah Abdin have written the UAE chapter for the 2019 edition of Technology, Media and Telecommunications Review. This annual publication provides expert analysis for those interested in evolving law and policy in the rapidly changing TMT sector and is an ideal tool for in-house counsel and commercial practitioners.

The UAE chapter covers:
  • Regulation (including Regulated activities; Ownership and market access restrictions; and Transfers of control and assignment)
  • Telecommunications and internet access (including Internet and internet protocol regulation; Universal service; Restrictions on the provision of service; and Security
  • Spectrum policy (including Development; Flexible spectrum use; Broadband and next generation mobile spectrum use; and Spectrum auctions and fees)
  • Media including Restrictions on the provision of service; and Internet delivered media content)
  • The year in review
  • Conclusions and outlook

David Bintliff says: "We were delighted to be asked to write the UAE Chapter for the 2019 edition of the TMT Review. In 2019 we expect the UAE to consolidate its position as a pioneer in technological advancements and innovation involving AI, Smart Cities, Robotics and Communications underpinned by a national strategy to create a diversified, knowledge-based economy through digital transformation. The disruptive effect of new technologies presents regulatory challenges in the adoption and interpretation of existing and future laws which we discuss in the Chapter."

You can view the UAE chapter of the Technology, Media and Telecommunications Law Review here.