The Next Step for Wellness with Welltodo and Bird & Bird in Singapore

By Lorraine Tay, Amy Ng


Following up on the second instalment of the Wellness conversation over two days in June 2018, Bird & Bird's collaboration with Welltodo in Singapore was another great success.

Day 1 – An evening of curated Wellness goodies

Bird & Bird - Wellness

As Lorraine Tay (Joint Managing Partner, Head of Intellectual Property and a member of the Retail & Consumer Sector group in Singapore, Bird & Bird) aptly remarked in her opening speech, "The Wellness industry is an exciting space to be in and we are well positioned to harness the synergies and opportunities arising from our partnership with Welltodo. This is a great initiative which started from London and which serves as an excellent springboard into the Asia Pacific Wellness industry. Lots of positive energy!" 

Indeed, the equally insightful and thought-provoking panel discussion with Jesrina Arshad (Co-founder & CEO of PurelyB), Brad Robinson (Founder & CEO of Ritual Gym) and Elika Mather (Owner of Kitchen by Food Rebel) underscored the potential opportunities to be harvested within the Wellness industry.

It was certainly heartening to see the coming together of like-minded attendees with the common goal of learning from each other and taking their idea or business to the next level. Over a glass of wine, birch water (for a non-alcoholic beverage option) or "LEMBAS" (for a full meal in a drink option) – supplemented by fuss-free "DOSIRAK" sets (a full nutritious meal in a bucket) and almost guilt-free snacks with the likes of delicious mushroom jerky (which are possibly better-tasting than the traditional meat jerky) – attendees were treated to a plethora of options which had been curated especially for the event. 

Day 2 – An elevated session for discerning Wellness enthusiasts

In a smaller group session, attendees were led into thought-provoking keynote discussions comprising the finer points of building a brand, building a profitable Wellness business, as well as creating a mind-set for success and exploration. 

Further, an insightful panel discussion entitled "A Masterclass Investment" saw industry experts, comprising Marcus Chow (Partner, Head of Corporate Group in Singapore, Bird & Bird), Albert Shy (Head of Burda Principal Investments), Eddy Lee (Co-founder of Coffee Ventures) and Jeffrey Liu (CEO of GuavaPass), leading the session on understanding and navigating the investment journey for business owners in the Wellness industry. The generous personal sharing of challenges and reflections by these industry thought-leaders was greatly appreciated by the audience.

The event concluded with an inspiring session by Grant "Axe" Rawlinson (Human Powered Sales Explorer). The key takeaway from Axe's session was that as individuals, we must learn to step out of our comfort zone, venture into the unknown and challenge ourselves – success and achievements will follow with constant perseverance and sheer determination.   

As aptly summed up by Kate Sarginson (Market Director, Asia, Welltodo) after the eventful two days, "The energy and buzz around the room for both the Founder Series and Founder Series Plus was amazing to be a part of, and we have received so much positive feedback from people who loved the range of speakers and the inspiring sessions. There is a clear build-up of momentum now and a growing community for the business of Wellness, which is so exciting to see."

The final instalment of the Wellness conversation for the year in Singapore is set to take place in October – watch this space!

Bird & Bird - wellness and welltodo