Bird & Bird launches its 'JudgmentDay' app to provide clients with timely access to UK intellectual property judgments


International law firm Bird & Bird today launches JudgmentDay, a first of its kind app designed to provide clients with timely access to selected UK intellectual property judgments.

Personally curated by Bird & Bird's specialist IP lawyers, the JudgmentDay app will provide clients with fast access to UK judgments on patents, trade marks/passing off, copyright, design, confidential information, jurisdiction/procedure and commercial IP. The app will contain short and long summaries (in the form of key paragraphs extracted from the judgments) which will allow clients to keep up to date and quickly assess any commercial implications and considerations for their business.

Bird & Bird clients can opt to view short summaries, long summaries or the full text of the judgment in respect of the categories of IP rights that interest them. They can also set up personalised push notifications to view judgments whilst on-the-go, as well as share with colleagues or customers with an automated email containing the short summary and a link to the full text.

Richard Vary, formerly Head of Litigation at Nokia and now partner in Bird & Bird's London Intellectual Property Group says: "At Bird & Bird we are committed to helping our clients stay ahead of the curve and up to date on the latest developments that may affect their business. The digital world we are living in means there is a constant flurry of emails, so to assist our time-pressed clients, we've created an app to provide easy access to intellectual property developments, on demand, and on topics that interest them. We hope this will be a useful go-to resource for our clients and give them a little time back in their day!"

One of our clients, Alpha Indraccolo (Senior Director Associate General Counsel, Litigation Speciality Products at Teva Pharmaceuticals) commented: "In our industry we need immediate updates to capitalise on the changing legal landscape. This app will be very useful for our work and is what we have come to expect from Bird & Bird in terms of efficient and innovative solutions."

The app is available on both mobile phones and tablets, and requires iOS 7.1, Android 4.1 and Windows 10 or later.

It is available to download from the Apple App Store, on Google Play and the Microsoft Store.

To receive the client access code, please contact Ramani Rajaratnam.