Bird & Bird launches new version of the Digital Marketing Law app including eight new jurisdictions


International law firm Bird & Bird today launches a new version of the Digital Marketing Law app to include eight new jurisdictions. 

The Digital Marketing Law app is designed to guide in-house legal and marketing teams and agencies through the essential legal information surrounding international digital marketing campaigns. It provides clients with a comparative, multijurisdictional overview to help the team implement a unified marketing campaign across multiple countries. 

The updated version of the app includes eight new jurisdictions including Australia, China, Czech Republic, Finland, Hong Kong, Poland, Singapore and Slovakia. The app now covers the local laws of seventeen countries across Europe and Asia-Pacific on topics including key advertising regulations, prize promotions, social media and influencers, comparative advertising and data protection and privacy.

Craig Giles, partner in the Commercial practice at Bird & Bird says: "Our clients often need to understand the digital marketing law landscape across multiple jurisdictions, but the laws and regulations related to advertising are rarely fully harmonised. With the new version of the Digital Marketing Law app, clients now have a user-friendly guide providing an overview of the main legal requirements in key business territories to help them plan their marketing campaigns."

The app is available on both mobile phones and tablets, and requires iOS 9.0, Android 4.4 and Windows 10 or later.

It is available to download now from the iTunes app store, Google Play and Windows app store

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