The Brazilian Patent Trademark Office (INPI) will accelerate examination of patents associated with combating COVID-19

By Mariano Santos


With a focus on stimulating the production and licensing of new technologies, the INPI will prioritize the examination of patent applications related to innovations that can be used to fight the pandemic of the new coronavirus.

The measure was made official through Ordinance No. 149/2020, published on April 7, 2020, amending Resolution 239/19, which regulates the priority procedure for patent application processes, to allow it in the examination of patent applications related to COVID-19.

This prioritization will be valid until June 30, 2021, and focuses on examination of patent applications related to pharmaceutical products, processes, equipment and/or materials for use in health, aiming at the diagnosis, prophylaxis and treatment of COVID-19.

The request for priority procedure must be filed by the Applicant or interested third party, individual or legal entity, and should contain a clarification indicating the relationship of the matter of the process with the diagnosis, prophylaxis and/or treatment of COVID-19 patients.

In addition to the actions taken in examining patents, INPI is also working to encourage the patenting of innovations in Brazil, also with a focus on combating COVID-19.

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