Our Warsaw expert co-writes an international publication on settlement practices for corruption cases

By Karolina Stawicka


Karolina Stawicka, head of our Warsaw office Employment group, has contributed the Polish chapter of the international publication "Structured Settlements for Corruption Offences towards Global Standards", which was published by the International Bar Association.

The publication presents a comparative analysis of evolving settlement practices for corruption cases for 66 jurisdictions across the globe (including Africa, Asia-Pacific, the Middle East, North, Central and South America, and Western and Eastern Europe).

The book, which took two years to complete, adds to the growing discussion on whether, and to what extent, there is a need for global standards. The publication is presented in an accessible questions and answers (Q&A) format, and its authors include eminent academic professors and practitioners, who deal with the issue of combating corruption in business on a daily basis.

Karolina was the sole author of the chapter on Poland.

The collected material was accepted for further work by the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) and its Working Group on corruption prevention operating within its framework. We hope that our Polish expert's know-how will contribute to our cross-jurisdictional anti-corruption practice.

The publication is available here.