The Online Harms White Paper: Is technology the answer?

By Janey Hurran


In the next instalment of our Online Harms White Paper ("OHWP") mini-series, Janey Hurran looks at how technology, both existing and emerging, can assist in the role of ensuring safety online.

As discussed previously in the series, the OHWP sets out the government’s proposals to tackle online content and activity that harms individual users or threatens our way of life in the UK. Part 4 of the OHWP details how companies should invest in the development of safety technologies to reduce the burden on users of staying safe online. A new statutory duty of care will be imposed on companies to make them more responsible for the safety of their users and tackle harm caused. These new duties will be assessed by an independent regulator with reference to accompanying explanatory codes of practice. The new duties of care will mean companies will be expected to have effective and easy-to-access user complaints functions.

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