Influencing Media: Timothy Armoo, CEO of Fanbytes

By Archie Ahern


Welcome to Part 3 of our Influencing Media series. In the wake of our inaugural MediaWrites event in September, we look back at the discussion, focusing this time on Timothy Armoo, co-founder and CEO of Fanbytes: a video distribution platform marketing to Generation Z through Snapchat...

Generation Z

For those that are not familiar with this particular demographic, this is the generation that comes after millennials; the digital kids, the children of the internet age, and a market that brands are desperate to both reach and understand. Who better to provide that insight than the members of Generation Z themselves? Tim and his team have an average age of 21 with the youngest member being just 19 years old, putting Fanbytes in the unique position of being comprised of the audience that it is trying to capture.

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