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Brussels is the regulatory centre of the European Union and a strategic hub for many of the world's largest multinationals and brands. Add to that a dynamic, educated workforce, and it makes for an ideal place for many companies and organisations to do business.

That said, the Belgian employment market has its particularities. Our International HR Services team in Brussels is well versed on all aspects of Belgian employment law. We've worked to provide you with an overview of current issues on most HR directors' agendas, particularly when it comes to:

  • Unacceptable behaviour in the workplace
  • Long-term absences, and
  • Trade secrets

Unacceptable behaviour in the workplace

The #MeToo movement has gained significant media attention and affected the reputation of many individuals and organisations. It's safe to say that this topic is now on the mind of many HR directors, legal counsels and risk managers.

In Belgium, however, the government established a framework for unacceptable workplace behaviour, which has been in place for many years.

Watch our presentation or download the slides to learn:

  • how to prevent unacceptable behaviour and sexual harassment
  • what to do when it occurs, and
  • how to deal with it when you're confronted with a complaint

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Illness and incapacity in the workplace

More than half of Belgium's working population has experienced a workplace absence of one month or longer. Add to that the fact that one-third of those cases are due to psychological illnesses, and it's clear that Belgian employers face big challenges when it comes to long-term illnesses and incapacity.

The issue is delicate: an employer must respect its workers' right to privacy, but long-term sick employees cost companies time, productivity and money. 

Watch our presentation or download the slides to discover more about: 

  • the challenge of long-term absences in Belgium
  • employer and employee obligations, and 
  • legal options for employers faced with this issue

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Trade secrets and employment law

Trade secrets are a vital asset to many companies. They are no longer secret recipes, formulas or intellectual property, but also fundamental information on pricing, business plans and client lists.

However, the threat to these trade secrets typically doesn't come from an external source or competitor, but rather from someone within the company.

Watch our presentation with senior associate Anton Aerts to learn:

  • why it's important to protect your organisation's trade secrets from an employment law perspective
  • what preventive measures you can take, and
  • what to do when a key employee who with knowledge about the company's trade secrets moves to the competitor

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