A Guide to Energy Market Manipulation in the US, Canada, EU and Australia

By Peter Willis


Partner, Peter Willis, has written a chapter of the Guide to Energy Market Manipulation published by Global Competition Review.  The Guide examines the regulation of energy market manipulation in the US, Canada, EU and Australia. 

Peter's chapter analyses the rules prohibiting energy market manipulation contained in REMIT, the EU Regulation on wholesale energy market integrity and transparency.  Peter describes the key elements of the prohibition, outlining the guidance produced by EU energy regulators, and provides a summary of the key enforcement cases to date, including the first case in which a fine (of €25 million) was imposed. 

The book will be of interest to those involved in energy regulation, whether in the EU or elsewhere.  EU regulators have a number of investigations ongoing, and this is an important issue for energy companies to be aware of, to avoid penalties and damages claims.  Peter's chapter is here - an extract from the first edition of GCR’s The Guide to Energy Market Manipulation, first published in March 2018. The whole publication is available here.

For more information, please contact Peter Willis.