The Oil and Gas Law Review - Fifth Edition - Germany

By Dr Matthias Lang, Laura Linde


Germany produces little domestic oil and natural gas and depends heavily on imports. Around 98 per cent of oil and 92 per cent of natural gas have to be imported to cover the amount of consumed oil and gas. Crude oil is mainly imported from Russia, Norway and other European Union Member States. Natural gas mainly comes from Russia, Norway and the Netherlands.

Domestic annual oil and gas production has been declining steadily. In 2016, annual oil production amounted to 2.4 million metric tons while production of natural gas amounted to 7.9 billion cubic metres. On 1 January 2017 Germany had proved and probable reserves for oil of about 31.8 million metric tons and 70.1 billion cubic metres for gas. Drilling activities were carried out in eight exploration wells and in 18 field development wells.

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