Right People, Right Place, Right time - Navigating legal staffing structures across Asia Pacific webinar

By Pattie Walsh, Leila Moddel, Ying Wang, Jeannette Tam, Chye Shu Yi


This two part series of webinars focuses on legal staffing structures in Asia Pacific.

Part One – our case study will focus on hiring local employees and the various staffing structures available. In particular we will take a look from the perspective of each of the jurisdictions on:

  • Who is the employer in our scenarios posed? The current legal principles for determining the rights and obligations in respect of the various categories of staff from employee to consultants.
  • Applying the legal principles to more complex business situations from recruitment process outsourcing to managed service provider staffing arrangements.
  • A look at the local rules for dispatch or agency workers and issues surrounding co-employment.

Watch Part One here.

Part Two – our case study will focus on bringing in staff from outside of the jurisdiction and moving into or expanding operations in new markets:

  • Immigration obligations for non-local staff including quotas and time-lines in practice
  • What is legally possible, what entity structures are required and what are the risks if you need people on the ground before there is a local entity established.
  • Using foreign law to avoid local employment law obligations and the extent to which this works.
  • Bringing in talent on a short-term, secondment basis.

Watch Part Two here.

The webinar was be led by Pattie Walsh (Co-Head of our Asia Pacific Employment Practice) as well as members of our highly regarded International Employment team – Leila Moddel, Ying Wang, Jeannette Tam and Shu Yi Chye.

This article is produced by our Singapore office, Bird & Bird ATMD LLP, and does not constitute legal advice. It is intended to provide general information only. Please contact our lawyers if you have any specific queries.



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