Slovakia: Possibility to obtain an alternative authenticator for accessing mailboxes



Foreign statutory representatives that run business activities in Slovakia may now enter the electronic mailbox using alternative authenticator

In connection with the upcoming introduction of electronic mailboxes and their systematic activation for legal entities (from 1 July 2017, all mailboxes of legal entities will be activated automatically), we would like to inform you about the possibility to obtain an alternative authenticator for accessing mailboxes (not only with electronic ID cards or residence cards with chips).

An alternative authenticator is a card with an electronic chip containing a six digit BOK code – personal security code chosen by the user (foreign statutory body).
An alternative authenticator ensures direct access to electronic mailboxes for foreign statutory representatives, not only through a power of attorney/authorisation as it has been since 1 March 2017.

Applications for an alternative authenticator should be filed in person at one of twelve (12) Departments of the Foreign Police, and for Slovak nationals with non-Slovak residency in the Slovak Republic in any of the nine (9) Departments of Documents in the regional capital.

  • Applications should include the applicant's following details:
  • Name and surname
  • Date of birth
  • Nationality
  • State and address of permanent residence
  • Chosen BOK (personal security code)
  • Name and seat of the company registered in the Slovak Commercial Register in which the applicant is a statutory body/member of the statutory body, and
  • Signature. 

An ID card/passport or any other public document which may be suitable for verifying the applicant's data is required for verifying the applicant's data.

Please note that we would recommend verifying the data in the Commercial Register so that it is in line with the provided data.

An alternative authenticator is free of charge and valid for three (3) years.



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