Lower Community Trade Mark renewal fees: common sense prevails!

By Mark Holah


The new Community Trade Mark (or, more correctly, European Union Trade Mark) Regulation comes into force on 23 March 2016. This lowers the renewal fees payable for CTM (EUTM) registrations.

It has been confirmed that all registrations with a renewal date on or after 23 March will pay the new, lower, renewal fees. This also applies to registrations which have already been renewed, for which a refund will be given. 

Originally it had been intended that the introduction of the lower fees would be delayed, until 23 September, but thankfully for brand owners this is not going to happen, so that the benefit of the lower fees can be enjoyed as soon as the new Regulation comes into force.

The new fees are:

 Classes  Then  Now
 One class  €1350  €850 
 Two classes  €1350  €900
 Three classes  €1350  €1050
 Four classes  €1750  €1200
 For each additional class the fee increases by €150  Down from €400

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