Legal Notices

The Legal Notices should be read as a whole. Certain words as used in the Legal Notices and elsewhere on this website, in emails and in other materials are to have the meanings assigned here

Bird & Bird

Bird & Bird is the business name for an international legal practice carried on by Bird & Bird LLP, its affiliated and associated businesses and entities (together “Bird & Bird”). For details of Bird & Bird LLP and its affiliated or associated businesses and entities, our members and regulatory information, please see below.

Definitions and interpretation

Certain words as used in the Legal Notices and elsewhere on this website, in emails and in other materials are to have the meanings assigned here.  These include Bird & Bird, the firm, we, our, group and partner. That page also contains other guides to interpretation.

Bird & Bird LLP

Bird & Bird LLP is a limited liability partnership, registered in England and Wales with registered number OC340318. Its registered office and principal place of business is at 12 New Fetter Lane, London EC4A 1JP, United Kingdom.

LLP Conversion

Bird & Bird converted to a limited liability partnership (LLP) on 29 November 2008. Our office in Spain became its own separate limited liability partnership. Our office in France became an association d'avocats à responsabilité professionnelle individuelle (AARPI) on 1 December 2008. For more detail of these changes please click here.


A list of members of Bird & Bird LLP, Bird & Bird (MEA) LLP and Bird & Bird (International) LLP and of any non-members who are designated as partners, and of their respective professional qualifications, is open to inspection at our London office address and can also be found here. All such persons are solicitors of England and Wales, exempt European lawyers, registered European lawyers, registered foreign lawyers, patent attorneys or tax advisers, except where indicated. 

Contacting Bird & Bird

If you are a client or prospective client and have queries or concerns about Bird & Bird, you should raise these in the first instance with the partner responsible for your matter, your client relationship partner or partner with whom you may already be in contact. Contact information for Bird & Bird, including office addresses, can be found on this site under Offices. To make contact concerning any matter on this page, or other pages under Legal Notices, click here.

Contact information for individual Bird & Bird lawyers, including email addresses, can be found on this site under Lawyers.  Not all persons listed as Lawyers are partners. Furthermore, not all persons so listed are qualified as Lawyers; some have an alternative professional qualification, such as patent attorney or tax adviser. Where this is the case it is stated.

Regulatory and other information concerning Bird & Bird’s offices

Bird & Bird LLP is authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority ("SRA") of England and Wales.

As an international legal practice Bird & Bird is represented around the world by either Bird & Bird LLP, including its branches, or businesses or entities affiliated or associated with Bird & Bird LLP as included in its latest publicly available consolidated audited accounts.

With lawyers, patent attorneys and tax advisers drawn from a variety of jurisdictions, Bird & Bird and its partners, consultants and employees are generally subject to professional regulations applicable in the jurisdictions in which Bird & Bird practices and, if different, the jurisdictions in which individual lawyers, patent attorneys and tax advisers are admitted to practice.

Please note that our lawyers do not seek to practice law in any jurisdiction in which they are not properly authorised to do so, whether or not advising on the law of that jurisdiction. 

For summary information on the countries of operation, professional titles and regulatory position around the world click here.

Solicitors Regulation Authority

Bird & Bird LLP is subject to the SRA's outcomes-focused regulation ("OFR") focusing on the high level principles and outcomes that drive the provision of services for clients. These are the basis of the SRA's Code of Conduct, applicable to England and Wales, as part of a "Handbook" covering all aspects of law firm regulation. The SRA’s Overseas Rules apply substantially the same high level principles to Bird & Bird’s offices outside England and Wales, in addition to the application of local professional regulations, and Bird & Bird LLP is required to ensure that its overseas practices comply with such principles.

OFR involves the SRA assessing whether a firm is acting in an ethical and principled manner, and securing the outcomes or results to which the firm's clients are entitled. The SRA promises to apply OFR in a proportionate, transparent and consistent way.

Firms have to demonstrate effective systems and controls to identify, manage and mitigate risks to their ability to meet the SRA's new requirements, although the SRA does not expect firms to be fully compliant with the need for new systems and controls immediately.

Bird & Bird has been positively engaging with the SRA in relation to development and implementation of OFR, both before and after its introduction in 2011. The firm’s policies and procedures concerning risk and compliance have been reviewed and updated in line with the SRA’s new regulatory requirements.

Compliance officers for legal practice (COLP) and for finance and administration (client money compliance) (COFA) appointed, with the approval of the SRA, have responsibilities to the SRA to take all reasonable steps to ensure compliance and also have specific responsibilities in regard to the confidential recording and reporting of failures in compliance breaches. Responsibility to the SRA for compliance with regulatory and statutory requirements rests generally with the firm and its partners; this remains the case even following the appointments of the COLP and COFA. The COLP and COFA do not assume any duties directly to clients or other third parties in respect of their roles.

For more information on the SAR's Handbook, OFR, and COLP and COFA, see In particular, for specific provisions concerning the SRA's regulation of offices of Bird & Bird outside England and Wales, as so- called "overseas practice", see the SRA's Overseas Rules at

If you have any questions or feedback concerning risk and compliance at Bird & Bird you may contact David Whitney, the COLP: click here. Chris Billington, UK Finance Director, is also the COFA.

SRA Digital Badge

Bird & Bird is regulated by the Solicitors Regulatory Authority (SRA), who require us to display a digital badge on our website to verify that we are regulated. The SRA has engaged a third party to provide the digital badge service.  We have no control over the third party provider or how the service is delivered, although from our enquiries it would appear that the badge uses Google Analytics without obtaining your consent.

We have decided to display the digital badge on a separate page of our website so that you can you can decide if would like to click the link.

You can view our digital badge by clicking here.

Information Security and Confidentiality

Bird & Bird has established an Information Security Management System, the purpose of which is to minimise the risks to the firm's and our clients' information. The whole of Bird & Bird has been certified to the international standard ISO/IEC 27001:2013 (BSI certificate number IS608378).

Except where specific safeguards are appropriate, client information and documents are potentially shared among Bird & Bird entities in strict compliance with internal control policies and legal requirements and, in particular, client information and documents in electronic form are stored in a document management system to which all Bird & Bird entities may have access.


If you as a client have queries or concerns about the conduct of a matter or about our invoice, you should raise these in the first instance with the partner responsible for the matter or the client relationship partner. If you are dissatisfied with any aspect of our service you may wish to contact someone unconnected with the file. The Complaints Officer for Bird & Bird, London is currently Jenny Cassidy: to contact her click here. For other offices complaints may be addressed initially to the managing partner at the address specified under Office Locations in their web site.

It is the role of the Complaints Officer to investigate the conduct of a matter or our invoice and to notify you of the action taken. 

Special arrangements apply to complaints concerning the services of our London office.  For details see the page linked under United Kingdom in the list above. 

For complaints relating to our London office's relationship with suppliers, including our payment of invoices, click here.

Professional Indemnity Insurance

In accordance with the disclosure requirements of the European Framework Services Directive 2006, and as implemented by local law, please note that Bird & Bird has the benefit of professional indemnity insurance in excess of the minimum level required by the Solicitors Regulation Authority and extends to acts or omissions wherever in the world they occur. The name and contact details of our primary insurers are Travelers Insurance Company Limited, Exchequer Court, 33 St. Mary Axe, London EC3A 8AG and QBE Insurance (Europe ) Limited, Plantation Place, 30 Fenchurch Street, London EC3M 3BD. In addition, we have insurance as required by the bar authority, or equivalent, in every other jurisdiction in which Bird & Bird practices. Details of such insurances, comprising the name of the relevant or primary insurer(s), their contact details, territorial coverage and the policy number(s), may be obtained by clients, or prospective clients, on request by asking the partner with whom you are dealing or by clicking here to email us. If e-mailing, please give sufficient information to identify yourself or your organisation, the country to which your enquiry relates and the partner or other lawyer with whom you are otherwise dealing, and give your own contact information.

Money Laundering and other illegal acts

We cannot become involved in arrangements which we know, or suspect:

  • facilitate money laundering;
  • assist in terrorist financing;
  • involve breach of sanctions;
  • involve tax evasion;
  • involve bribery; or
  • involve any other matter which is a criminal offence in any jurisdiction, unless permitted by law.

As a result, and in accordance with law, if we suspect that any matter on which we advise you facilitates or concerns any such breach of law, whether or not you would be the offending party, you, as a client or third party in relation to our services, acknowledge and agree that:

  • we may make a relevant disclosure to, or seek guidance from, any Regulator,
  • we may communicate with any Affiliate,
  • we may seek advice from any professional adviser,
  • we may communicate with your auditors or any professional adviser to you or any other party, or their adviser,
  • we may not be free to notify you of our suspicions or that we have taken any action,
  • we may not be free to continue to provide our services to you, and
  • we may not be free to return to you money or papers which we hold on your behalf.

We may do any other things to fulfil our duties under law, at the direction or on request of any regulator, or otherwise to protect our own legitimate interests.

We will not be liable to you for doing any such things if we act in good faith. This limitation applies in addition to any statutory defence that may be available to us

The money laundering reporting officer for Bird & Bird LLP, London office is currently Jenny Cassidy. To contact Jenny Cassidy click here.

Anti-bribery and anti-corruption laws

We have anti-bribery and anti-corruption policies and procedures which apply to all our partners and employees worldwide. These policies prohibit the making, offering or promising to make a payment or transfer anything of value, including the provision of any service, gift or entertainment, on our behalf, by all such partners and employees, for any improper purpose or business advantage. These policies apply to dealings by our partners and employees with all third parties on our behalf. They specifically prohibit such dealings with government personnel and other officials for the purpose of improperly obtaining or retaining business or for any other improper purpose or business advantage. We expect anyone providing services to or seeking to win business from us, to have similar policies.

The anti-bribery officer for Bird & Bird LLP, London office is David Whitney. To make contact click here

If you have any questions or feedback concerning the content of the Regulatory Information section of this website please click here, except where a specific contact e-mail address is specified.