The allocation of BSPCEs (Bons de Souscription de Parts de Créateurs d’Entreprise) to independent board directors: a small revolution for joint stock companies, a real breakthrough for the biotech world

Biotech and medtech companies operate in an international environment where the composition of their governance bodies is a key criterion of credibility. As said by the President of France Biotech, Maryvonne Hiance: “bringing renowned scientists or entrepreneurs to their boards of directors is not a luxury, it is an essential tool of attractiveness.”

As part of the recent PACTE law of 22 May 2019, the French legislator has finally addressed the crucial need of biotech and medtech companies to be able to properly compensate independent board directors – most often very popular people of high international scientific background – by allowing companies to issue tax favorable « stock-options » (BSCPE) to independent board directors.

Until now, BSPCEs could only be granted to employees or corporate officers of joint stock companies (sociétés par actions) created less than 15 years ago and if listed, with a market capitalisation that does not exceed 150 million euros.

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