The Socialist Party presses the Minister for answers on why Spain remains out of the UPC system

In our previous post we informed our readers that a non-legislative motion had been approved by the Economy, Industry and Competitiveness Commission of the Congress of the Deputies of the Spanish Parliament (the first Chamber) requesting that the Government undertake all actions needed for the adhesion of Spain to the UPC System (see here).

We now know that the Socialist Party (PSOE) has filed a request to force the Minister of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness to appear before this same Commission to formally explain the official position of the Spanish Government in relation to the adhesion of Spain to the enhanced cooperation mechanism between Member States of the European Union for the creation of unitary patent protection. Although the request was filed on 10th March, it did not qualify until 14th March and it may take some time before the issue is finally discussed in Parliament.

The above makes it clear that the Spanish political parties, in general, are becoming more and more concerned about the future consequences of Spain being out of the UPC system. We will keep our eyes on the outcome of the request filed by the Socialist Party and on any other additional initiative that may be taken in the coming months.

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