Trade Secrets


Your Trade Secrets are valuable assets. Their misuse results in unfair competition and stifles innovation, particularly in sectors that rely on technological advances. Our International Trade Secrets Group works closely with clients to protect their confidential data, through both preventative measures and enforcement action.

As one of the world’s leading technology focused law firms, we can help you protect valuable trade and business information at both a local and an international level. Unlike many of our competitors we take a highly integrated approach to trade secrets issues. We combine skills from a range of practice specialisms, including IP, Employment, Dispute Resolution, Commercial and Data Protection, and in collaboration with Bird & Bird's Cyber Security and Regulatory Compliance & Investigations groups, we work with you to create bespoke teams and solutions which are tailored according to the needs of the situation and your business objectives. Many of our experts have scientific or engineering qualifications which give them an unrivalled understanding of the innovations you need to protect.

We encounter and advise on the many aspects of trade secrets protection and enforcement on a daily basis, from how to deal with the threats posed by insiders to handling the reputation management fall-out associated with a cyber breach. Together with you, we work to identify valuable information that needs protection & design the appropriate internal policies, documents & training for your needs. When a problem does occur, we enforce your rights decisively with effective defence strategies to prevent or control any potential damage and continued threat.

In addition to preventative measures and defence strategies our team also have significant experience in advising domestic and multi-national companies on the trade secrets aspects of implementing changes arising from new laws, including any necessary consultation with the workforce, unions and works councils. Recent advice has covered implementation and implications of the Trade Secrets Directive, which entered into force across Europe on 9 June 2018.

Internationally, members of our Trade Secrets Group speak regularly at a number of events and conferences on a range of trade secrets-related issues. In addition, they regularly contribute to press publications, books and thought leadership material. 

Heads of Group: Robert Williams and Bruno Vandermeulen.

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