France COVID-19 Briefings:

France: Ordinance No. 2020-560 dated 13 May 2020 – New adjustment of the procedural deadlines in the context of the national state of health emergency >

France: A Toolkit for businesses to help manage contractual relationships governed by French law >

France: COVID-19 cash flow management - solutions to be implemented now before the Courts >

France: ANSM guidance on Data Protection requirements for on-going trials during COVID-19 >

COVID-19: Guidance for Employers in France >

France: Privacy and fight against the virus, the President of the French data authority addresses the National Parliament's Law Commission >

France: Deferral of tax requirements, distribution of dividends during COVID-19 >

France: COVID-19 and defence procurement contracts >

France: COVID-19 and public contracts - Which difficulties private operators may encounter during the performance of public contracts? >

France: How does the new French State Guarantee Scheme work? >

France: Procedural Deadlines during COVID-19 >

France: Coronavirus pandemic and cybersecurity, when cyber criminals exploit the health crisis >

France: What impact does COVID-19 have on tender procedure? >

France: The exceptional tax measures set up to help companies to manage their cash flow during COVID-19 >

France: impact on M&A transactions during COVID-19 >

Cross-border: Managing merger control filings during COVID-19 >

France: Intellectual Property & Arrangements of Offices >

France: COVID-19 - our French team is responsible, committed & at your side > 

Cross-border: COVID-19 in the workplace: differing guidance from data protection authorities >