Australia COVID-19 Briefings: 

Australia: COVID-19 & Mental Health Webinar >

Australia: The Ongoing Battle between Australian Regulators and Illegal Offshore Gambling Operators >

Australia: Pre-Approval for Australian Advertisements of Therapeutic Goods Abolished >

Australia: Changes to Foreign Investment in Australian Real Estate - COVID-19 temporary changes and proposed new changes from 1 January 2021 >

Australia: Commercial Leasing COVID-19: Australian State Legislation Comparison – New South Wales and Victoria >

Australia: Commercial Leasing COVID-19 - Practical considerations for landlords and tenants >

Australian regulator microscope on exploitation >

Australia: The ACCC pivots in light of COVID-19 >

Australia: COVID-19 – returning to work and the 'new normal' >

Australia: COVID-19 Legislation Tracker >

Australia: While COVID-19 lockdown restrictions ease enforcement of advertising restrictions for therapeutic goods tighten >

Australia: extended deadlines for submitting modern slavery statements during COVID-19 >

Australia: Leasing Measures to Combat COVID-19 >

Australia: "Signing" by email and other virtual means (including NSW amendments on 22 April) >

Australia: ACCC to the Rescue – Interim Authorisations Granted >

Australia: Export Restrictions on Health Related Products during COVID-19 >

Australia: Economic Measures to Combat COVID-19 >

Australia: response to regulation of medical devices during COVID-19 >

Australia: FIRB update - Reducing the monetary thresholds and extending the review period >

Cross-border: Event Sponsorships, COVID-19 and Force Majeure – Where do we stand? >

Australia: The extent COVID-19 may be affecting your ability to perform 'business as usual' and the contractual ramifications to consider >

COVID-19: Guidance for Employers in Australia >