How will your business change for the new landscape?

21 October 2020

10:00 - 12:30 BST

So much is changing. It is becoming something of a cliché to state that we are witnessing 5 years of change in just a few short months, and this change is impacting on every company, large or small. Research states that sustainability will be of even greater importance as we re-emerge from the pandemic. This refers to not just environmental sustainability but also social, cultural and economic.

On 21 October, EP and Bird & Bird are delighted to host a webinar that really examines the changes taking place. Expectations too have changed and there is real momentum to see meaningful change in work patterns, in diversity & inclusion, and in how businesses behave.

So please come and join us as we ask the question – how will your business change for the new landscape?

We will be joined by a number of exceptional speakers from across the hospitality industry to discuss these issues.

The programme


Opening interview
Karen Friebe
, Head of Hotels, Hospitality & Leisure,
Bird & Bird

Ufi Ibrahim, Chair of Hotels Energy Board

Panel discussion: Environmental sustainability

David Read, Chair, Prestige Purchasing

Ellen Jones, Head of Sustainability, Pret A Manger

David Walker, Chief Commercial Officer, Winnow

Interview: The Change in workplaces and services

Chris Sheppardson, Founder, EP

Mark Davies, MD, ISS UK Food Service

Chris Penn, Co-Founder, Birch

Panel discussion: The need to be inclusive

Karen Friebe, Head of Hotels, Hospitality & Leisure,
Bird & Bird

Alice Woodwark, MD, RA Group

Joanna Aunon, Director, Women in Hospitality, Travel & Leisure

Interview: Supporting global sustainability through action

Chris Sheppardson, Founder, EP

Nick Swallow, Trade Commissioner to the UK & Ireland, New Zealand Trade and Enterprise

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