Contract Law Briefing 2020: For the energy and utilities sector

19 November 2020

As you navigate these volatile times in the energy markets, we’d like to offer you a chance to revisit contract law through our Autumn series of live webinars – see further details below. These sessions, delivered by the engaging and highly regarded partner Andrew White, with support and context from energy & utilities sector lawyers, will include a mix of:

  • restatement of essentials
  • relevant recent cases and examples from practice
  • some practical take-aways

The webinars are suitable for lawyers and experienced contract professionals from businesses right across the energy and utilities sector

Please join us on Thursdays 17 September, 22 October and 19 November and RSVP by clicking above – we look forward to welcoming you at all three sessions.

Some client testimonials on past seminars in this series:

"Highly relevant to our business…."

"Fascinated to get this refresher…."

"Incredibly helpful….."

"Clear, practical and well-structured…."

The programme

Session 1:

17 September

16:00 - 17:15 BST

Frustration and Force Majeure clauses: some key legal principles in the world of COVID-19.

From COVID-19 to Brexit, and global trade tensions to volatile weather patterns, it has been a milestone year, and a year of enormous challenges. In this session we'll revisit the core principles of 'Frustration' and 'force majeure', and share some practical tips which we identified which emerge in particular from the COVID-19 crisis.

Session 2:

22 October

16:00 - 17:15 BST

Liquidated Damages: new thinking, old challenges.

Liquidated Damages clauses are commonplace in contracts of many types in the energy and utilities sector. In this session we'll review how the Supreme Court has reformulated the test for a valid liquidated damages clause, feature recent cases, and share take-away messages.

Session 3:

19 November

16:00 - 17:15 BST

A fundamental change to English contracts? 'Good faith' under binding agreements

The concept of 'good faith' is taking root in English contract law. But how far does it go, and what are the implications? This session will review the core principles and highlight lessons from leading cases.

Contact / Registration

For Session 1: 17 September

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For Session 2: 22 October

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For Session 3: 19 November

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