A Cure for Nightmares series - Dealing with the regulators

11 November 2020

12:00 - 13:00 GMT

It's at or near the top of every GC's and CEO's list of things that prevent a good night's sleep – the prospect of an early morning visit from a team of officials from an EU or national regulator, looking for evidence of a breach of one set of rules or another, armed with a court order and bristling with technology to carry out a search of the IT systems, as well as individual employees' laptops and mobiles.

Please join us for our series of webinars when our team of international experts, with experience of investigations in the fields of competition, financial services and data protection, will be sharing their top tips on avoiding the nightmares.

Webinar 1: Dealing with the regulators

Moderator: Pauline Kuipers (Head of Competition & EU, The Hague)

Speakers: Peter Willis (Competition & EU partner, London), Giuseppe D'Agostino (Co-Head of Finance & Financial Regulation, Milan), Jakub Kur (Head of Forensic Technology, Warsaw)

  • Are all investigators the same? Is a single "dawn raid response" programme sufficient to cover all possible investigations? 
  • Vital steps to take at the start of an investigation; 
  • Getting ahead of the investigators - what's the investigation all about? 
  • How to minimise disruption to the business 

Dealing with the technology – preparing for and managing forensic search requests, devices and blocked email accounts. 

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