The ABC of Finnish employment law

12 November 2020

09:00- 09:45 CET

A webinar designed to help HR professionals get to grips with the basics of Finnish employment law.

Is it true that we are restricted from accessing a Finnish employee’s work e-mails? Do I always have to adhere to a Finnish collective bargaining agreement? What is about to change in Finland with regard to post-employment non-competition undertakings?

These, and many other questions commonly raised by our international clients in respect of Finnish employment law, will be discussed during our Webinar. We will help you avoid the most common pitfalls, and give you a general understanding of the most essential aspects of Finnish employment law. Based on our experience with working with international clients, we have chosen the most relevant topics.

Although Finnish employment law may seem difficult and complicated, our aim is to make it much more understandable during our Webinar!

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