Bird & Bird ATMD Webinar: Is Prevention Better Than Cure - 20 August 2021

Is Prevention Better Than Cure?

Can cybersecurity issues in the MedTech sector really be prevented and if not how do we effectively manage one whilst still reaping the rewards of technology and going digital?

From diagnostic imaging software, to predictive technologies, and remote monitoring systems – artificial intelligence and data analysis have tremendous potential to enhance quality of care, and ease the load of healthcare workers by providing timely and accurate insights on patient data. Despite these benefits, however, the recent spate of high profile healthcare data incidents have put a damper on the adoption of such new medical technologies. While the knee-jerk reaction may be to shut the door on change and development, those who prevail in the long run recognise that data security and innovation need not be dichotomous, as long as the cyber and data risks are well-managed.

On 20 August 2021, we had an interactive panel discussion where our panellists offered an industry perspective on cybersecurity and data protection controls that are commonly deployed in the medical technology sector, and shared best practices on how to effectively respond to a cybersecurity incident involving large volumes of sensitive personal health data. We also provided insights on how the legal risks of a data breach can be effectively managed, through appropriate contractual safeguards and robust internal policies.

Led by Jeremy Tan and Chester Lim, the panel included the following speakers:

  • Leonard Ong, Regional Information Security Officer, APAC at GE Healthcare

  • Daniel Song, General Counsel at Biofourmis

  • Paul Byrne, APJ Director, Business Development – Legal and Insurance at CrowdStrike

If you have any questions relating to this webinar, please email us at [email protected] or contact our event speakers directly.

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