New Swiss Data Protection Act vs GDPR – What's new and how to implement it

19 January 2021

15:00 - 16:30 GMT

Like other jurisdictions across the world, Switzerland has recently passed a new data protection act. What’s new regarding the Swiss Data Protection Act and how does is it compare and contrast with the GDPR?

Join our webinar on Tuesday 19 January with experts from BianchiSchwald, MSC Cruises and Bird & Bird and get ahead of the curve with our comprehensive update on this topic.

The programme

What the new Swiss Data Protection Act is about

  • When will it come into force and what we are still waiting for?
  • Two Swiss particularities: 
    • New general professional confidentiality obligation
    • Enforcement powers of the Swiss data protection authority

How the GDPR and the new Swiss DPA compare and contrast

  • Documentation & accountability obligations
  • Level of detail in privacy notices
  • Rights of data subjects: this is not just about access requests
  • Are Data Protection Officers mandated or voluntary? Is there an outsourced approach?
  • Personal data breach notification: who has to be told what and when?
  • When is a Data Protection Impact Assessment required?
  • Who needs a representative in the EU, UK and Switzerland (or in all three areas)?
  • Are international data transfers still possible nowadays?

How can the new Swiss Data Protection Act obligations be implemented in practice?

Hear from Theodora Dragan (Swiss based Data Protection Officer at MSC Cruises) on the practicalities linked to the implementation of the new rules. Theodora will share tips and pitfalls to make this new Swiss compliance journey hopefully a success for you and your organization.

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