The Ethical Workplace - Domestic Violence in the Workplace

17 November 2020

10:00 GMT

We invite you to join us for our upcoming session on 16/17 November, depending on jurisdiction in the hope you will be able to join one of the sessions.

Organisational ethics are fundamental to business. A company’s culture is built on ethics, brand and reputation. Talented employees and conscious consumers are increasingly attracted to organisations demonstrating integrity. It therefore makes good business to adopt best practice methods.  

Domestic violence is a global issue and 1 in 5 workers in Australia experiencing family and domestic violence report the violence continuing into the workplace. It is a topic that is at the forefront of local and international legislation and policy with employees, consumers and regulators coming to expect that employers have robust processes in place to appropriately respond to domestic violence in the workplace. So, what can you as an employer do to ensure that your organisation is not only legally compliant but is an ethical workplace?

As the first session of the Ethical Workplace series, we will be providing an international perspective about domestic violence in the workplace and will be discussing some of the key areas for employers, including:

  • The global legislative framework regarding domestic violence in the workplace;
  • Current best practice methods and industry standards for supporting a company’s workforce; 
  • ow COVID-19 has changed the way employers respond to domestic violence; and
  • Key tips and resources for developing domestic violence policies and procedures.

We will also be joined by Kelly Swann, Employment Counsel Asia Pacific at Bain & Company to give us an employer perspective, during our panel discussion.