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Is it true that in Germany an employee cannot be terminated under any circumstance? Is the administrative burden for employers in Germany really so extensive? Are employees forbidden to work on Sundays? Do all employees in Germany have a company car? Are works councils always a headache?

These and many others are common questions and prevailing myths that are regularly raised by our international clients, who are often apprehensive of German employment law. Even though Germany’s employment laws provide for a high level of employee protection, it is not as inaccessible as you might fear.

The German Employment Team invites you to a series of bi-monthly webinars on Employment Essentials in Germany to help you avoid the most common pitfalls, and to give you a general understanding of critical aspects of German employment law.

In a combination of general legal principles and practical examples, we will guide you through the most common topics and issues that we experience with international clients.

Next session: Homeoffice

We will provide a general overview of forms of working outside the office in Germany and then address the issues that are most relevant in practice:

  • Does the employee have a legal right to work from home?
  • What should a contractual arrangement look like?
  • What co-determination rights does the works council have?
  • Does the employer bear the costs for technical equipment?
  • How does the employer ensure the employee's health protection?
  • Is the employee's working time recorded?


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