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Not just a dream coming true. A fun way to seriously kick-start your career.

Registrations for the 2019 program are open! Partner for a Day is your opportunity to gain insights into the work of a lawyer. You will get two days of legal training with workshops and cases in e.g. contract drafting and negotiation techniques. And you can have lunch with a partner of your own choice to talk about your dreams and career path. It is your opportunity to network in an international law firm with over 1,200 lawyers in 30 offices across Europe, the Middle East and Asia-Pacific.

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Partner for a Day will be held on 31 October - 1 November 2019 at Bird & Bird, Sundkrogsgade 21, 2100 Copenhagen, Denmark.

How can I become Partner for a Day?

You can apply to become Partner for a Day by completing the application form in this website. [link:] You’ll be asked to provide your personal data and complete some questions. Hurry! You have until 11 September 2019 to submit your application.

Previous participants say...

"I loved the fact that we were only 6 students, as we got way more individual time with the employees of Bird & Bird than you get at other events. Apply for this event if you want to see how it is to work at real international law firm." - Casper Nalepa Jensen, participant in 2018 "

"You get the chance to negotiate a deal for a (fictive) client and you also get practical training in contract drafting. You learn about areas in the work as a lawyer, which you don't do in the books or at the university. Partner for a Day has only made me even more motivated in my studies. The event also includes a great opportunity to network with both the associates at Bird & Bird (who are very open to talk) and the other participants." - Sebastian Juhl, participant in 2018

“An unforgettable event that only reinforced my interest in working at a law firm and not least Bird & Bird as a work place. I got insights on things you do not usually deal with as a law student, e.g. what characterises a good lawyer and small details to be aware of when negotiating with others.” - Martin Jørgensen, participant in 2017.

What is Partner for a Day?

  • Partner for a Day is a two day legal training project where six law students visit our office in Copenhagen to work as a "Partner for a Day".
  • The training consists of both theoretical elements and practical exercises.
  • Day one is devoted to negotiation training. The students get divided into two groups and have to agree on a contract based on different information and motives which are initially hidden from each other.
  • The second day is devoted to contract drafting. The students work on a Share Purchase Agreement for the sale and purchase of an airline business containing more than 50 legal challenges for the students to discover and deal with together.
  • The students are invited to have lunch with a partner of their own choice.
  • A great opportunity to network in an international law firm with over 1,200 lawyers in 30 offices across Europe, the Middle East and Asia-Pacific.
  • The two day event ends with a Friday bar with the rest of the office.

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