The Dawn of a New Era! The Personal Information Protection Law and Data Security Law in China

The Personal Information Protection Law of the People’s Republic of China (“PIPL”) was officially adopted by the National People’s Congress Standing Committee after its third reading. China’s Data Security Law (“DSL") will take effect on the 1 September and the PIPL will take effect on the 1 November 2021. With significant administrative fines linked to non-compliance with the PIPL and the possibility of being prohibited from assuming managerial positions in relevant organisations for directly responsible persons, it’s vital to get ahead and stay compliant before full implementation.

Please join us at this webinar to hear about the key elements of this first piece of comprehensive and dedicated personal information protection law in China. The similarities and differences between the PIPL and the General Data Protection Regulation ("GDPR") of the European Union will also be discussed. Hear from experts in our China Privacy and Data Protection team as they breakdown the multiple chapters and articles in a digestible format to help you understand, prepare and stay ahead of the game as the implementation date draws closer.

*Note: You will only need to join the session that is most suitable for your time zone as the presentations will be the same on both days.

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