Tech-transfer, R&D and licensing agreements: Exploring New Opportunities & Insights in Belgium

We are excited to invite you to an in-person seminar that will shed light on the latest developments in Belgian contract law and the new opportunities they bring for tech-transfer, R&D and licensing agreements.

Attending this seminar will give you valuable insights into the latest trends and practices in Belgian contract law, enabling you to optimise your contractual agreements.

During the event, we’ll cover the full life cycle of tech-transfer, R&D and licensing contracts, starting with the negotiation and execution of the contract to the validity and control of the contract through to termination. For each step, we will guide you through the recent updates to the Belgian Civil Code and their practical applications. In addition, we will highlight the main aspects to look out for under competition law. Throughout the session, we will also draw comparisons with other jurisdictions, where relevant.

You can expect to come away with answers to questions such as:

  • Can a license be entered into for free and/or be “perpetual”?
  • What is the duration of an NDA when the contract is silent?
  • What if it becomes obvious that the other party will breach its undertaking to protect my confidential information? Can I act to protect my interests prior to the foreseeable inexecution of the other party? Can the judge impose a renegotiation of terms?
  • Are minor and major violations of a party’s obligations sanctioned differently?
  • My T&Cs provide for a transfer of all IP to my company. Is this sufficient if the other party’s T&Cs stipulate that the other party shall remain the sole and exclusive owner of all IP?
  • What if an act of force majeure prevents me from fulfilling my obligations under the agreement (e.g. a market shortage prevents me from supplying the components needed in the manufacturing process)? Am I automatically released from my obligations, or should I take any steps to avoid liability?
  • What if the price of the raw material skyrockets, making performance excessively onerous (but not necessarily impossible) for me, at least under the agreed terms?
  • To what extent can I limit my liability in case of gross negligence or intentional fault?
  • Which criteria determine whether usual licensing clauses are anti-competitive, and how does this affect their enforceability?
  • Can the nullity of a contract be set aside?
  • Can contracts be terminated by simple notification?

Don’t miss out on this exceptional opportunity to enhance your legal knowledge and network with industry peers. To secure your spot, please RSVP using the button below.

We look forward to welcoming you to this engaging seminar and sharing a thought-provoking session on new opportunities under Belgian contract law.


16:00 Welcome & registration

Presentation from Bird & Bird experts:

  • Jean-Christophe Troussel (Partner, IP)
  • Cedric Berckmans (Partner, Corporate/Commercial)
  • Baptist Vleeshouwers (Counsel, Competition & EU)
  • Auriane Schockaert (Sr. Associate, IP)
  • Lisa Gius (Associate, IP)
18:00 Networking cocktail


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Av. Louise 235
1050 Brussels

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