GDPR enforcement in Belgium: trends & risks

Three years into the GDPR, we see that the number of decisions and sanctions from the Belgian Data Protection Authority (BDPA) is significantly on the rise. The same goes for the number of appeals lodged against those decisions. Now is undoubtedly a good moment to look at some of the first substantial GDPR enforcement-related risks and trends.

Join us on 3 December to discuss these developments!

Sanctions, fines and appeals

During this seminar, you will learn about the sectors that have been particularly affected, which provisions of the GDPR were the most sanctioned, how high the imposed fines were and more.

You will also learn how the Brussels Market Court handles appeals against decisions by the BDPA, as well as some of the intricate and unexpected procedural aspects of that appeal procedure.

GDPR and HR data

We will conclude by showing you how GDPR enforcement may also have a day-to-day impact on the functioning of your organisation. Indeed, since there is no HR without the processing of personal data, it is undeniably one of the domains on which GDPR enforcement has a significant impact. Our Employment team will provide you with several practical tips and tricks on what to look out for when processing personal data in an HR context.

 9:30 - 9:40  Introduction – Benoit Van Asbroeck (IP / IT, Partner)
 9:40 - 10:30  Trends in decisions by the Belgian Data Protection Authority and appeals against those decisions – Simon Mortier & Lisa Gius (IP / IT, Associates)
 10:30 - 10:50  Impact of GDPR enforcement in an HR context: tips & tricks – Cecilia Lahaye (Employment, Counsel)
 10:50 - 11:00  Closing remarks – Benoit Van Asbroeck (IP/IT, Partner)

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