EU Digital Services Package

Discussions on game-changing rules for online intermediaries and platforms are currently underway in the European Parliament. Negotiations on the Digital Services Act and Digital Markets Act are expected to result in a comprehensive, new rulebook for tech companies operating in Europe. Is this a GDPR moment for digital services?

Bird & Bird’s Regulatory & Public affairs team will address what the proposed Digital Services Package means for U.S. companies and how to prepare for it. Our experts will explore questions including:

  • What new responsibilities will technology companies face?
  •  Which rules are foreseen to tackle illegal content and products online?
  • What do companies have to reveal about digital advertising and profiling?
  • How will online marketplaces have to vet traders using their platform?
  • What are the potential fines or risks for companies failing to comply?
  • Will the new rules curb the market power of the largest technology companies?
  • How can U.S. companies contribute to the public policy debate? The webinar is the latest in a Bird & Bird series of online communications about the Digital Services package.

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