Legal Tech Bytes student event

Are you hungry for knowledge? Thirsting to understand the newest tech developments and their implications for the legal sector? Then have a bite with our Birds at our Legal Tech Bytes, where you'll also have the opportunity to learn what it's like to be part of the Bird & Bird team.

On 24 October, you'll learn all about the challenges surrounding data ownership alongside eager peers and Bird & Bird experts.

We'll kick things off at 17:30 and expect to finish at 20:30. Bring your appetite!

Data Ownership: Unlocking the value of data
Data is the new oil. It's not only internet and social media companies – banks, car manufacturers, energy companies and the life sciences sector are all collecting huge volumes of data.

Such massive amounts of data can be a major asset. But they leave organisations with many questions, not just around data protection, but also on who owns the data and how they can realise the full value of their data. 

  • What are the laws relating to data ownership?

  • What commercial realities do organisations need to consider when managing data?

  • What strategies can companies use to successfully exploit and commercialise data?

Want to debate these questions and discuss what this means for you as a soon-to-be lawyer? Then join us for Legal Tech Bytes on 24 October.

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