Bird & Bird's Breakfast Seminar - An Ethical Workplace - Australia and Asia-Pacific

Organisational ethics are fundamental to business. Company cultures are built on ethics, brand and reputation. Talented employees and conscious consumers are increasingly attracted to organisations demonstrating integrity. It therefore makes good business sense to do what is good within your own business. So how can businesses make their workplaces more ethical in an employment context?

Drawing upon international insights from Australia, the Asia Pacific and beyond, this interactive breakfast session will cover: 

  • Enhancing positive workplace behaviours, and tactics for addressing bullying, harassment and discrimination; 
  • Managing supply chain responsibilities in light of modern slavery legislation; and 
  • Supporting employees, including through pay equity, family rights and domestic violence leave. 

We will also examine the Australian legal position in light of regional and global developments.

Please RSVP via the link below by Wednesday, 1 May 2019 to confirm your attendance. 

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