Our corporate responsibility strategy underpins our genuine commitment to being a responsible employer.

We have three areas of focus: Diversity and inclusion, Environment and Giving back. Through these areas we strive to:

  • maintain an inclusive workplace and generate a shared passion amongst our staff for our charitable and corporate responsibility agenda
  • minimise our impact on the environment
  • increase our links with local communities and others to ensure we do not operate in isolation from our surroundings
  • work with our clients and their industry sectors to maximise the impact of our corporate responsibility programme.


Diversity and inclusion

We know that employing a diverse group of people from different backgrounds is key to our future growth and ongoing success.

Read about our Diversity and inclusion initiatives

Pro bono

We are passionate about making a difference.

That is why our people contribute their expertise, skills and resources to a variety of good causes around the world. We encourage this by giving them the tools to participate in the pro bono and volunteering work they support.

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Social Mobility

Having a diverse workforce, with a mix of people at all levels, in all departments, is incredibly important. This is why we are encouraging upward social mobility both within and outside of the legal profession through our Pioneer Programme and Bursary Scheme.

Read about our Social Mobility programmes

Global Sustainability Policy

A secure, sustainable world is an important priority. That is why we have pulled together our existing sustainability commitments into a global sustainability policy to move towards becoming a more sustainable business; not just minimising our environmental impact but, as a global citizen, making a positive contribution towards a more sustainable future.

Read about our Sustainability Policy