For me the people are the best part of working at Bird&Bird

Since I joined @B&B I have had the possibility to meet and work with some very interesting people. Many of them have a variety of interests, broad experience and extensive knowledge within their areas of expertise. Thanks to that I have made some really good friends with my colleagues. When I talk about people I also think about our @B&B Warsaw Commercial team which I am part of. @Bird&Bird gave me the chance to work in an excellent team with a lot of skilled professionals whom I can always rely on.

How has working at B&B enhanced your career?

Before I joined @B&B in 2018 I worked in a medium-sized law firm where I took my first steps as a lawyer. Working in @B&B was my first position in a large law firm. It was a great challenge at that stage of my career. After two and a half years of working here in B&B I have to say that it has all been well worth it. During this time I have meet a lot of new people and found a different way of working. I have worked on many interesting projects with various people. I have learnt details about different business sectors (private and public) from new technology to heavy industry to the food sector and so on. Contact with international clients has also allowed me to improve my English skills. All this has had a major impact on my career.

Describe a piece of work you undertook @B&B that you were particularly proud of.

I have participated in many interesting projects from international transactions to public procurement matters. However, among my many projects advising on large national tenders on an international scale was the most satisfying. Together with our Public Procurement team, we have advised on procurement of gas engines and on a large infrastructural procurement conducted by Solidarity Transport Hub for the biggest airport in Poland. These projects gave me the opportunity to learn a lot about the functioning and organisation of large-scale procurement proceedings with many international participants.