This work is about trust between you and your customer.

What I really like in my practice area, Real Estate, is that it's really concrete. It includes both development projects and transactions - and a lot more. 
Tuukka Korhonen

You really need to know your customer's business in order to give legal advice, which have business value.

That's also what makes this work meaningful: even though you sometimes need to work really hard with a tight schedule, you know that some project depends on your advice and the customer will make important decisions based on them. In that sense this work is about trust between you and your customer.

One could state that the world opens up to you working in a law firm. No matter which practice you work in, after working here you have lot more possibilities to choose from than before.

Why Bird & Bird? We have such an array of incredibly professional people who are unpretentious and humane at the same time. You don't need to be certain type of a person to work here.