Energy Management


Taking Greater Control

The energy sector is in a state of transition as we transform to an increasingly low carbon, smart and decentralised energy system. The way in which consumers manage their demand and consumption of energy has now become a strategic priority as they seek to take advantage of a range economic, reputational and sustainability benefits.

We help clients to implement energy management strategies to enable them to realise their strategic priorities including enhancing their reputation for sustainability, reducing energy consumption, developing smart energy infrastructure, guarding against volatility in wholesale energy prices, achieving security of supply, improving resilience and generating an income from innovative solutions. We have broad experience in risk and conflict management during all phases of a project, enabling us to identify possible disputes at an early stage.

We offer a full service offering across all legal practice areas to advise high energy users, investors, banks, developers, contractors and technology providers in connection with:

  • On-site energy generation projects including the procurement, funding and installation of a variety of different technologies such as solar PV, biomass, CHP plants, energy from waste and anaerobic digestion.
  • District utilities networks including heat, cooling, private wire electricity and telecoms supplies for property developers, land-owners and C&I customers.
  • Renewable power purchase agreements including near-site private wire projects and offsite corporate PPAs using sleeved or synthetic structures.
  • Energy savings and energy efficiency projects involving the procurement, funding and installation of a variety of measures ranging from smart building controls, energy efficient lighting, biomass boilers, solar PV, CHP systems and air conditioning units.
  • Energy performance contracts acting for customers and energy services companies in the public and private sector.
  • Smart metering projects acting for suppliers and customers in connection with roll-out of 53 million smart gas and electricity meters to homes and businesses in Great Britain.
  • Smart cities and smart grids projects including e-mobility, street lighting projects, electric vehicle charging infrastructure, vehicle to grid technology and the associated digital infrastructure required.
  • Regulatory advice relevant to the transition the energy sector to an increasingly low carbon, smart and decentralised energy system.

For more information, contact Pierpaolo MastromariniRhianna Wilsher and James Durnall.

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