Preventive and Advisory

Tax disputes have quickly gained importance in recent years due to an increasingly confrontational approach taken by global tax authorities and the potential for tax controversies to cause significant reputational damage.  This trend is itself driven by pressure on public revenues and society's changing attitude to tax avoidance and evasion.  We work with clients to help them design and implement controls and procedures to help limit the scope for future conflict.  We also rely on our close links with tax authorities' policy teams to understand the areas of concern to them and help our clients to pro-actively deal with changes in tax policy and administration.

We regularly assist clients with the following preventive and advisory services:

  • Tax risk strategies for larger corporates
  • Risk assessment and design and implementation of policies and procedures to address the new measures targeting the enablers of tax avoidance and evasion
  • Senior Accounting Officer regime compliance
  • Training of staff and on-going monitoring and audit of tax procedures
  • Tax and duty reclaims
  • Supply chain due diligence work

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