Value Added Tax (“VAT”) is collected by businesses from their customers and settled by businesses with governments, making it an easy, efficient and popular revenue generator for governments globally. For businesses, however, VAT may be complex due to a vast set of rules, exceptions, and interpretation differences between countries. For businesses, there is a high cost of doing it wrong.

To help you manage VAT correctly, we provide clear and expert VAT advice across all sectors, enabling your business to succeed. With our strong legal, corporate tax, and trade & customs teams working together seamlessly, we deliver high-end integrated client solutions to the market.

We provide you with our expertise in:  

Advisory – we assist you with ad-hoc queries or projects, such as managing the in-house VAT function, launching businesses, corporate structuring and restructurings, mergers & acquisitions, and quick scans.

Opinions and second opinions – we support you when you need to make a substantiated assessment of a VAT position or wish to understand the risk profile of a VAT position for important investment decisions or uncertain tax positions. 

Knowledge – our specialists are ready to support you with your periodic VAT updates, VAT training or VAT awareness of your in-house tax, legal, finance or business teams.

Dispute resolution – if you need help with obtaining advance certainty, with tax authority meetings and tax authority audits, as well as objections and appeal procedures, our VAT team is there to assist you. 

Policy – we are there to provide you with support if you need assistance with external communication about VAT, including feedback to initiatives of VAT policymakers and stakeholder transparency about your VAT roadmap and strategy.

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